Every year comes with ideas, hopes, and dreams.
2020 & this new decade begins with a big announcement.

Norsu Haus began in 2016 with one simple intention: to make gifting more thoughtful. Since then, we launched an online boutique, created a high-end B2B business, and have curated over 10,000 gifts. We have been inspired by many incredible individuals: our team, clients, designers, suppliers, supporters, and fellow industry partners. We faced challenges, and explored new, and often unexpected, opportunities. We learned, grew, and and we are now ready to embark on another big and exciting change.


New Adventures in 2020

Norsu Haus has been the springboard to new adventures. As the gifting market has evolved, along with the needs of our clients, we have transformed the business into two new companies, each with a specialized focus and further alignment to our client’s needs and passions.


  • Gift Polish (giftpolish.com - coming soon) creates stand-out gifting experiences - starting with the presentation.  Gift Polish is founded and led by Veronica Fontaine and provides high-end gift wrap & design services for your brand and special events.  Veronica will continue to run creative wrap projects through Gift Polish and will be introducing new products and service offerings in the upcoming year.


  • Birch Cove (www.birchcove.co) is an experience management company that enhances individual, relationship, and organizational well-being. Birch Cove is founded and led by Sarah Parkins and elevates the experience people have with your business, leading to increased engagement, performance and growth. Curated gifting for businesses will continue to be offered through Birch Cove. 


What This Means For You? 

We look forward to continuing to partner with you - just in a new way! While we will no longer be operating under the Norsu Haus name, through these two new businesses we are able to bring a new level of enhanced services to your gifting needs and beyond.


Thank you for being on this journey with us, and for letting us be on yours. We are honored to have you be part of our Norsu Haus family, and we look forward to having you join our next adventures.  For more information, please contact us.


Yours sincerely,


Sarah & Veronica